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Introduction of Dongguan New Century Real Estate Development Ltd.

Dongguan New Century Real Estate Development Ltd. was founded in July, 2002. Its predecessor was New Century Villas Commerce and Residence Development Ltd.. The registered capital of New Century exceeds 100 million Yuan, and it possesses national second-class development qualification (Address: 3rd Floor New Century Building, #288 Qifeng Road, Dongguan City, Guangdong province). After 9 years of progress, New Century has become one of the most famous and most powerful Real Estate development companies. The company focuses on the development of high-end commercial residence; at the same time£¬it gains a certain scale on the development of office buildings, shops and commonweal municipal facilities. In December 1999, the opening of the 1st Phase of New Century Villas won great repercussion on the market with its originated big stepped cross style apartment, and it archived great success. Thereafter, the development of the 2nd phase of New Century Villas, New Century Lijiang Villas and New Century Villas 1st Residence archived success one after the other. So far, the projects developed and the projects under developing includes: New Century Villas (Dongcheng), New Century Villas 1st Residence (Dongcheng), New Century Lijiang Villas (Chashan), New Century Villas Adding One Residence (Dalang), New Century Changsheng Square (Dalang), New World Garden (Dongcheng), New Century Riverbank Square (Guancheng), New Century Noble Residence (Daojiao), Baian Center (Nancheng), New Century Ready Residence (Tangxia), New Century Mingshang Residence(Dalang), New Century Blog Apartment
(Dongcheng District), Yi Residence (Tangxia), New Century Beautiful Garden (Tangxia), New Century Star Town £¨Dongcheng£©, New Century Leading Residence (Dalingshan), and New Century Shang Residence (Tangxia) etc.. New Century Estate follows the idea of ¡°Half made by heaven, half made by human¡±, the series of its housing projects try to make ¡°more people spend less money to live better life¡±, try to ¡°make the residents feel satisfactory, surprise the buyers by giving them more considering service¡±, try to build an ideal homeland for citizens of Dongguan. The Subordinate enterprises of New Century Real Estate include: New Century Villas Property Management Ltd. (national first-class property management qualification), TeamOne Intellitech Ltd., Zhisheng Environmental Engineering Ltd., and New Century Cheetah Basketball Club etc.. At present, New Century Real Estate took the lead of passing the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification and ISO4001 Environmental Management Standard Systems certification, and it has become the leading enterprise in the real estate sector of Dongguan.

The new century estate, with you, build a high quality life.

Harmony between Human and Nature

Real scenery and the real feelings mean good taste
There is a feeling in certain environment, and there is a taste in one¡¯s artistic conception.
Mood and environment melt with each other and one engenders the other.
With interactions of mood and environment,
You will feel a sense of poetry

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